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First Chapter - Denmark and the countryside

Second Chapter - Moving to Norway

Third Chapter - Skåne and the boats

Fourth Chapter - Embracing Life

With grandma Ebba…

I wanted to show my readers that life can be magical, that life does not end when you are 70. I want to show my readers my Grandmothers virtues, that you always need to stay active, never settle for worse and you are stronger than you think.

Every time I am in Sweden I ask my grandmother a lot of question, so the one thing I did have was a map on how she travelled and lived a young. That was kind of my starting point, but I needed to know more. I started by interviewing my Grandmother, I wanted her to tell stories from her life. The challenges by this were to try to remember the stories that I recorded and to then go back to the video material to find the “gold pieces” took some time.